How To Use A Belt Sander On A Deck

How To Use A Belt Sander On A Deck

Decks are often to be sanded every year. After excessive rains and heavy power wash, wood may become protuberate and require refinements. That is why you are in need of the Best Belt Sander on a Deck.

Sanding a deck improves the appearance by removing the protruding area of wood. It also helps in clearing away the stains and traces of old paint. The sanded deck provides comfort and safety. It removes the splinters, clear the rough edges and trims off any ventures and make it perfect as how you wished it to be.

Sanding a wooden deck has never been easy before but now, belt sanders have made our work much simple and effortless.

For sanding a deck with a belt sander, you need to follow up the following steps to attain the best results.

7 Basic Steps To Make Your Deck Shine Again!

Step No.1: Make A Plan

Check out if the rain is least expected to fall. Otherwise, all your plans will go in vain. The second thing to see is if your deck is completely dry. Before sanding the deck, the surface has to be totally dried up or the sander won’t spin properly and leave spruce behind.

Step No.2: Necessary Reparations

Knockdown the nails and screws up to 2 mm. And made the necessary repairs. Like fixing metal pieces or repairing the wooden boards. It is better to replace any rotten piece as it won’t last long after sanding.

Step No.3: Wash & Scrub!

Wash and scrub your deck with a good detergent and also power wash if needed. It will remove the uncertain placements. Let the deck dry till the next 24 hours.

Step No.4: Starting With The Exterior

Start your work with sanding the exterior deck first. For sanding the floorboards, use the specially designed hardwood floor sander which has a 60 – 80 grit of sandpaper. For the finest touchup use the 100 grit sandpaper which will sand till the holes disappear. This will make it difficult for the wood to absorb any stains or vapour into it. Next, sand the boards and then the railings. Choose the perfect sized and type of sander. As it depends on which type of wood your deck is built from.

Step No.5: Wipe Off The Dust On Deck

Use a vacuum cleaner and then clean the deck off by a tack cloth which will eat up all the dust particles on the surface.

Step No.6: The Final Coat On Deck

Apply the final coat on the deck. To give it a shine and a fine look. At least 2 coats are always recommended. So that the finishing would be able to stand up the foot traffic. As well as boards and railings should also be covered up by the heavy-duty stains.

Step No.7: Deck At Rest…

Leave the deck for 4- 5 hours to let it dry before you walk on to it if the weather is dry. Otherwise, leave it for days or even a week.