How to make Internal cut

How to Make an Internal Cut with a Jigsaw

Jigsaws can cut through various materials but they can only start cutting from the edge of the cutting surface. If you want to cut through counter-tops, to fit a sink in the kitchen counter, or if you’re cutting any design which requires to start cutting from the middle. You need to know, how to make an Internal cut with Jigsaw first. You can follow these instructions for precise cuts.

Now Let’s Get Started!

First, mark the surface of the material where you want to cut or use masking tape.

Now make a hole at starting point and 1 at the ending point of about ½ in. near the marking using a drill. Insert the saw blade inside the hole, line up with marking and hit the trigger, once the blade start moving at good speed, slowly move the blade towards the material and start cutting through it. Make sure the Jigsaw’s foot is touching the material properly to avoid uneven cuts which can ruin all of your hard work. Now push the Jigsaw forward slightly and follow your markings to the end.

If you’re cutting through a counter-top, make sure to use a special laminate blade, these blades come with down faced teeth which cuts on the down-stroke. These provides more precise cuts and make less chips.

If you don’t know much about which blade you should use, we got you cover. We have made the guide on different types of blades. You can also check out the prices of the blades here.

After cutting, clean the area. Clean all the dust from your jigsaw and the surface. Sand the edges if needed by using a sand paper or you can also use a Belt Sander.