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Best Jigsaw Blades Reviews & Guide:

The blades are a very important component for your Jigsaw. Your Jigsaw’s potential is based on its blade. While picking the blade for your jigsaw for any type of material, it is important to know which type of blades your jigsaw supports. Different materials use different types of blades to cut through. And they also come in two different types of Shank. Our Jigsaw Blades Reviews contain every piece of information about Jigsaw Blades. Keep on reading and you will get all the information you need before you buy a Jigsaw blade.

Best Jigsaw Blades

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Types of Jigsaw Blades:

There are two types of Jigsaw blades; T-shank blades and U-shank blades. While many companies use T-shank blades as a standard in all of the new models, the U-shank blade is still available on the market but slowly fading away. You would need a wrench to change the U-shank blade; while on the other hand, T-shank blades don’t need any tool to get changed. To know more about T-shank and U-shank blades click here.

You need different blades to cut through different types of materials. For example, WOOD, HARDBOARD, PLYWOOD use different Woodcutting Blades, whereas METAL, STEEL, ALUMINUM use different kinds of Blades. Just like that, Cement-board, Plaster-wall, Laminate surface, PVC, Glass, they all use different types of blades with different TPI (teeth per inch) for a clean cut.

So you should know well about them before buying one for yourself. We made a detail and short article for you to save your time and efforts. This review will help you in choosing the best blade for your jigsaw from hundreds of models available on the market. Keep reading and leave a comment below if you think we missed out on something.

Jigsaw Blades Review: 



DEWALT DW3742C Blade set


This Dewalt Jigsaw blade set is one of the best jigsaw blades available now. It comes with 7 different types of blades with a backup blade of each one, which is very helpful in case you accidentally break or bend the blade, and not only this, the set comes with a case with a different partition for the blade and a transparent cover which comes handy to store your blade. The T-shank design easily fits almost every type of jigsaw.

This 14-piece blade set has different blades with different TPI to cut through all types of materials you want. When it comes to woodcutting, the set has 4 different types of blades with 6, 10, and 12 teeth per inch, whether it’s for Plywood, Hardboard, Vinyl Plank, or Softwood, they can cut through any kind of wood without any trouble. These 4 blades are 4inches long and made of HCS material.

And when it comes to cutting metals, it has 2 different types of blades, 1 with 18-tpi and 1 with 32-tpi which can cut any metal without having any causalities. Metal is a hard material, that’s why it needs more teeth, which means you’ll get a cleaner cut and the blade also moves slower.


  • It comes with 7 different types of blades.
  • 6-24 tpi for cutting various materials.
  • The blades have a 3-year warranty.
  • May bends sometime

BLACK + DECKER (75-626)

Black + Decker 75626 Blade set


The Black & Decker 75-626 is Assorted Jigsaw blades set which comes in a packet of 24 pieces for cutting different materials. This Black and Decker Jigsaw blades set contains a blade for both, straight cuts and curved cuts. The blade varies from 6-24 tpi which can easily cut through Wood, Plywood, Plastic, Laminate, Aluminum, Steel, and Metal. The case also contains a scrolling blade which is used for coping.

These are Universal blades or U-shank blades which fit all Universal shank (U-shank) Jigsaws. So you should know what type of blades your jigsaw accepts before buying it. The blade works great for cutting metal. The two sets of 18 and 24-tpi are for cutting metal sheet, steel, or aluminum.

These blades are made of High Quality Material and the saw blade in the case is made of High-Carbon Steel which provides the flexibility for smooth cuts as a Coping saw. Even though there are plenty of jigsaw blades available on the market, the Black + Decker 75-626 blades are a great value for money Jigsaw blades.


  • Great value for money Jigsaw blades.
  • Different blades for different types of work.
  • Wood cutting blades can be used for general purpose.
  • Fast cutting could lead to blades bending

Bosch TC21HC

Bosch TC21HC Blade set


The Bosch TC21HC Jigsaw blade set is a very useful product, especially for the contractors and multi-purpose workers. This Jigsaw blade set contains 21 pieces of blade for all different kinds of works. Whether you need to cut Wood, Plastic, Fiber, Metal, Glass, it has you covered. Not only this, TC21HC also comes with 2 All-purpose blades as well, which is very useful. This blade set also come with a Heavy Duty Case which helps you in portability and in organizing your blade.

All of these blades are T-shank blades, which fits all the Jigsaw that accepts T-shank blades, Bosch has allowed there blades to fit over 90% of the Jigsaws available in market. So you won’t be facing any issues with Bosch TC21HC.

The blades are made of High-carbon steel and Bi-Metal which provides the flexibility in cutting fine edge curves and prevents blade from bending while fast cutting. The set includes 5x clean Woodcutting blades, 5x Precision for Wood blades, 5x Basic Metal-cutting blades, 2x Progressor for Metal blades, 2x for cutting Fiber and Plaster, and 2x All-purpose blades.


  • Value for money Jigsaw blades set.
  • Multiple blades for all types of cutting.
  • High Quality Case.
  • Could get dull after heavy usage.

SKIL 94907

SKIL 94907 Blade set


SKIL 94907 is the cheapest blade set with 5 different blades for wood and metal. The set includes 3 blades for wood-cutting, 2 for cutting metal, and 1 multi-purpose blade. You can also use this blade set for cutting through Plastic, Plywood, and Fiber as well.

The U-shank design blades can be used in Jigsaws that support U-shank or U/T shank. The blades don’t have a hole under the U-shaped cut which is used to screw the blade to the Jigsaw.

The blades are made of Solid Material, which reduce the chances of bending and breaking during heavy work load. The Medium-sized teeth which produce less saw dust and provides fine cuts. The SKIL 94907 blade set is a great value for its money with just $1 and few cents per blade.


  • Build with High Quality Material.
  • Value for the Price.
  • Viable for Wood and Metal.
  • The package doesn’t fit the sorting of used blades.

BOSCH T150RF3  For Ceramics

Bosch T150RF3 Ceramic cutting blade


The Bosch T150RF3 is a Carbide Edge Jigsaw Blade which last 10x more than Bi-metal blade. The carbide coated blade is especially used for cutting Ceramics tiles and can also be used to cut Glass, Plexi-glass, and Fiber Glass.

The T-shank design for maximum grip and Stability, and can fit in almost all of the jigsaws available in market. The Blade also features Fine Cuts, Straight cuts, and Curved cuts through materials.

BOSCH T128BHM3 For Laminate

Bosch T128BHM3 for Cutting Laminate


This Bosch T128BHM3 is made of Carbide which extends the blade life by 10x versus standard Bi-metal blades. These premium carbide edge blades have two rows of counter-directed teeth that are arranged at different angles. The blade is used to cut Laminate, Laminate flooring, and Laminate sheets, and is strong enough to withstand a nail-hit and keep going, no change-out required.

Laminates are abrasive materials that are tough on blade which makes the blade life span shorter, but that’s not a problem with Bosch T128BHM3; you can make clean cuts in laminate with confidence using this blade.

And the T-shank universal shape which fits all of the modern Jigsaws available at the market.

BOSCH T341HM1 For Fiber and Plaster

Bosch T341HM1 Fiber and Plaster cutting blade


The Bosch Carbide edge Jigsaw blade has 10x more life span than standard Bi-metal blades. Featuring a carbide tipped edge designed for cutting abrasive building materials. This Blade is used to cut Fiber-glass, Cement board, and Plaster Board. The thin blade kerf design reduces metal extraction which causes less heat and provides fine straight cut.

The blade also helps in making curved cuts, straight curves, scroll cuts, and bevel cuts in hard materials. The T-shank shape which is compatible with all of the modern Jigsaws.

The Final Verdict

Before buying blades for your Jigsaw you should know which type of blade you need for your kind of work. There are a lot of companies and plenty of models available for Jigsaw blades in market, which makes it difficult to choose the right one. We picked few of them and tried to explain the difference according to your need in our Jigsaw blades guide, to save you some time and efforts.

If you are just starting out, it’s best to buy a Blade set, they usually come with multiple blades for Wood, Metal, and General-purpose blade. The best blade set available now is DEWALT DW3742C. These are the best value for money blade set, made up of High Quality material and are Durable with 3-years of Warranty.

We hope we were useful and were able to help you out. If you think we missed out on something, let us know in the comments and we will try our best to cover it as well.