Best Belt Sander For Metal Works

Best Belt Sander For Metal Works

Professionalism and efficiency, are the two main streams which have to be present in every sander that is designed for metal works. Finishing the job and defining the details of the work is where the quality of your Belt Sander is demonstrated. It doesn’t matter what kind of metalwork you are doing, either its aircraft, metal doors or any other project the belt sander for metal works has to be of very very professional.

Not every other sander is good enough for all sanding purposes. For the metalwork, the sander has to be occupied by a strong metal body, powerful motor that runs through the toughest metal with great speed and would also help reduce unnecessary vibrations to get the impeccable results. That is why we have gathered the best belt sanders for the metalwork which will help you make an easy decision.

JET J-41002 – Bench Belt and Disc Sander

 JET J-41002


The jet belt sanders deliver a superior finish on your metal works. The design of this machine allows sanding, grinding and polishing on any of the project you are working on. The heavy motor let you do your job on hard metals without breaking the belt and continuing with the same speed. It provides you with the lock-on button for safety and the cast iron construction which will guard the motor from getting rusted. Jet belt sanders are easy to adjust and have steel base and rubber feet for strong grips over slippery metal objects. 


  • Easy adjustments
  • Portable platen
  • Heavy-duty steel base and rubber feet
  • 2-year warranty


  • Platen is too small
  • Needs tuning after every while

Palmgren – Disc Bench Finishing Machine

Palmgren Disc bench finishing machine


Palmgren sanding machine is a combination of disc and belt which can finish the job in quick time. The direct drive mechanism with a heavy-duty capacitor generates the motor and allows it to work under tight pressure without  bogging down. This belt sander has an adjustable arm which rotates vertically as well as horizontally for a comfortable hold. The best thing is that, the sander does not take much time in changing and locating belts. It has a tilting work table and contour to all types of metal, especially iron. . 


  • Belt arm operates vertically and horizontally
  • Heavy-duty capacitor
  • Easy belt changes
  • Tilting work table
  • Contour to all types of material


  • The motor will get hot way too soon


MultiTool – Belt Grinding Attachment

MultiTool Belt Grinding Attachment


Multi-tool belt sander provides superior performances and is user-friendly belt changer. It includes a flat platen for grinding, sanding or polishing in 4 different positions on rubber contact wheels. It’s a free maintenance unit which comes with a 3-year warranty against faulty parts and workmen ship. Additionally, the auto-tracking system keeps the belt in track and sealed ball bearings help in more fluent movement during work.


  • Quick belt change
  • Maintenance-free
  • 3-year warranty


  • Heavy vibrations cause instability


Bucktool- BG2600 – Belt Sander – Bench Grinder & Knife Sharpener

Bucktool BG2600


Bucktool is a combo of belt and disc sander which provides a general-purpose sanding and finishing on most metals, wood, plastic and any other material. Cast iron construction is for the best protection of motor from any type of dust. The removable platen will let you sand the smallest openings and quick release tension will allow you to quickly change and adjust the belt without dismantling it, a belt arm can be positioned vertically and horizontally for easy hold and quick job.


  • A belt can be positioned vertically and horizontally
  • Tracking belt mechanism included


  • It does vibrate a lot, for that you need to bolt it down

RIKON Power Tools 50-151 – Belt Sander – Disc Sander

 Roll over image to zoom in RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt


Rickon power tools work on small craft projects. The machine’s smaller motor is very efficient and powerful to fulfil every required job with a 0.33 horsepower and 120 volts of current. The brushless induction motor keeps the motor lasting for long and the sealed ball bearings are for belt support and every part of a machine is threaded by strong metal screws. This unit has a heavy base with a dust-protected switch and is based on braided wires. It is extremely friendly to adjust sanding tables from aluminium alloy. This is recommended for anybody who needs to sharpen his knives, work on home improvements or do any kind of home crafting, involving removal of excess material.


  • Safety switch button
  • Tracking knob for perfect aligning of the belt
  • The sanding table tilts from 0 to 45 degrees


  • Separating a dust port is fatigued
  • Changing a belt in this unit is not an easy task

KKmoon – Multifunctional Grinder – Mini Electric Belt Sander

KKmoon Multifunctional Grinder


This mini electric belt sander is made of all stainless steel and provides a powerful rotating speed of 4000 to 9000 RPM to the motor for best finishing. The working table can be adjusted at any position for easy use. The caustic belt wheels have built-in double ball bearings which are non-slip design and perform a smooth operation. The motor of this belt sander uses high-speed high torque and is quieter.


  • Can also be used as a tabletop sander
  • Variable speed control
  • Anti vibrant


  • Belt climbs off from the track because of the absence of the tracking system

Eastwood – Electric Mini Belt Sander – Grinder File with 120 Grit Abrasive Sanding Belt

Eastwood Electric Mini Belt Sander


Electric mini belt sander, a grinder file with 120 volts and 5.3 amp of current running on 2300 fpm. The abrasive belt finishes the project and helps you get into very tight spaces where normal grinders will not fit. Its head pivots around 180 degrees up and down for a regular motion of the unit and easy work without settling your hand to hold the tool. It is quick and effortless to change the abrasive belts. The lightweight aluminium body is not complicated to handle and is best for toying home supplies.


  • Lightweight aluminium body
  • The head revolves 180 degrees up and down
  • Easy and quick to change belts


  • It is complicated to hold arm position under heavy pressure

AYNEFY – Belt and Disc Sander

Aynefy Multifunctional Belt Grinder


Aynefy belt and disc sander, a multifunctional bench grinder machine with a 6-inch disc and 4×36-inch belt with heavy-duty metal base. 450 Watt motor power passes the current of 110 volts to sand through the toughest object while eliminating unnecessary vibrations. This special unit comes with an adjustable work table and mitre gauge which gives easy access to hold the machine. The tilting belts are way too easy to change and adjust without screws. It is distinctively designed to remove the stock faster than usual because it has a stock removal system.


  • Adjustable work table with mitre gauge
  • The belt can tilt from 0 to 90 degrees
  • A disc can be tilted from 0 to 60 degrees
  • Fast stock removal


  • A bit noisier

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]



Which of the sander is best for the building of heavy pieces of machinery?

For heavy duties, you must use the heavy motor machinery which can do the job in a more superior way. Such as Aynefy belt and disc sander. Which has a 450 Watt motor power and runs at 1420 RPM. It gives easy access through the tight corners and fulfils the heavy duties very easily.



Which is the best for all types of metal works?

Any of the above units are best for all types of your metal sanding. These are the best sanders which will perform all the toughest to easiest sanding under heavy pressures while maintaining their high speeds.


How much time is acquired to change the belts?

In the above units, changing belts is not a fuss. As there is no need for unscrewing the whole unit for changing and aligning belts. There is a quick process for it.


Does it work in water as well?

No. The unit is not water-resistant.